A Short Background of Afghan Bazar Carpets GmbH

Afghan Bazar Company has more than 60 years of experience in carpet industry and has popularity both inside and outside Afghanistan.

The Company was first founded in 1950 in Kabul and operated under the name of Haji Rahman Qul Ltd. with branches in Germany and Switzerland.

In 1960s, due to internal wars and insecurity in the country, the Company moved to Pakistan and started business by the name of Qazaq Carpets. For the first time, it introduced the Qazaq Carpet Design to the market which still is one of the most famous carpet designs in international markets. The Company could gain popularity in a short time in Pakistan and become one of the biggest manufacturers of carpet.

After the collapse of Taliban Regime and when the company was assured of a good and secure opportunity of investment in Afghanistan, it returned to Afghanistan and invested 1 million USD in carpets industry in 2014. The name was changed to Afghan Bazar Carpets Manufacturing Company.

Since its re-establishment in Afghanistan, Afghan Bazar has been able to provide major employment opportunities and help the development of agriculture and animal husbandry. Right now, more than 4300 households are benefited directly and indirectly.

Our Products and Services:

The Company’s main products are handmade carpets and kilims, which all the production process takes place inside Afghanistan. These products have different names and labels due to varying designs and qualities. Some famous carpet designs are: Chobrang, Qazaq, Aqcha, Farhan etc. Famous kilim designs are: Maimana Kilim, Modern Kilim and Khodrang Kilim.

Carpets are mostly manufactured in various designs and qualities, based on customers’ orders and preferences (except Aqcha Carpets, which are produced for stock). Kilims are produced regularly for stock and are sold to customers when demanded. Recently, as the demand for kilims has grown, partly the kilims are produced based on orders.

Beside these products, the Company has significant services too; such as: carpet washing, cutting, wool and warp dying, carpets finishing, and repairing and restoration of antique carpets.

Proudly, the Company’s services are highly ranked by the market; specially the carpets washing and restoration service, which are regarded interestedly by famous carpet designers and companies.

Our Competitive Strengths:

Comparing to other companies in other countries like Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, India, Nepal and etc, Afghan Bazar’s products have good competitive strengths due to high quality raw material, pure handmade weaving, outstanding washing and brilliant finishing.

Machinery usage is approximately zero in the manufacturing process; different phases of production are usually done by hand, which makes the product more pure and worthy.

With experienced staffs that have more than 30 years of professional background, Afghan Bazar has one of the most highly rated washing and dying services system.

One of our main strengths is our mass distribution and production capability; no other carpet company gets near to us in this aspect within Afghanistan. By distribution of looms and raw materials in different provinces, our company produces up to 5400 Square Meters of Kilim and 700 Square Meters of Carpets per month, which is unique in Afghanistan.

Our Achievements and Accomplishments:

Our products always get reputation in international markets. We actively participate in international annual carpet shows like: Domotex Hannover Show, Atlanta Show, Los Angles Show, New York Show, etc. Our company’s products or products from our customers made by our company receive awards and prizes in every international show.

The Company proudly got the award for the most carpets export in the year 2015. The first position award was rewarded to Afghan Bazar in a ceremony held in this regard, by Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI). The company exported up to 63000 Square Meters of handmade carpets and kilims in 2015.

The company is developing both in quality and quantity of the products day by day. We try our best to contribute more and more in the business to help the growing economy of Afghanistan.

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